Key Issues

"I have been a conservative all my life.  I believe through hard work and determination, anything can be achieved.  I also believe in choosing to do what is right and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves".

Witness In Courtroom

Constitution and the Bill of Rights

I am dedicated to upholding and preserving the Constitution of the United States.  I will fight against attempts to limit freedoms protected under the Constitution, especially freedoms of speech and religious liberty. 

Male Teacher with Students


When was the last time you were in your child's  school?  How do you know what is going on?  it is imperative that we stand up for Parent's rights and against CRT indoctrination in our schools.  

We need to give parents back their voice in the pursuit to provide their children with a fair and merit-based education from the school of their choice.  

Newborn Baby

Protect the Unborn

I am Pro-Life and have been my entire life.  I will stand up for those who can't.  We must protect human life from conception to natural death.

"The care of human life and not its the first and only legitimate object of good government". ~Thomas Jefferson

Newborn Baby
Dollar Bills


I believe that the hardworking families of West Virginia know best how to spend their own money and more of it should remain in their own pockets.  When people can take home more of their paychecks, consumer spending increases.  Lower Taxes support a healthy economy producing job creation and entrepreneurship.