Hi, I'm Renée

WHO is Renée

Renée Wibly is a Christian Conservative mother of two, and a grandmother of two little boys.  Her life activities include attending Hope Community Church in Hedgesville, President of the Berkeley County Republican Club, member of the Gateway Republican Women's Group, member of the Berkeley County Patriots, and a Hospice Volunteer.

Renée was born and raised in Columbus Ohio.  Although her mother and grandparents on both sides of her family were Democrats, she knew by the age of 15 she was a conservative.  She moved to the Great state of West Virginia in 2007 to start a business with her husband (Bill) and children (Noah and Morgan).  Five short years later, Bill  passed away, leaving Renée to raise her two children and to manage their business by herself. She stayed in West Virginia, making this her home.  


Today, Renée is a paralegal in an Elder Law office.  She enjoys the game of Golf and successfully organized, along with other members of the Berkeley County Republican Club (BCRC),  the First Annual Eisenhower Golf Tournament, raising money for Kidz Power Pacs and Republican Candidates.  During her Presidency of BCRC, the club raised thousands of dollars for Republican Candidates to help them with their run for office.  

Renée believes in the Constitution of the United States, and the West Virginia Constitution.  She believes in hard work, standing up for those who can't, and bringing people together to fight for what is right.  "Together we can do great things for our community and for the people of West Virginia...UNITED WE STAND"

Announcement November 11, 2021

"My name is Renée Wibly and I am running for the West Virginia State Senate 

for the 16th District; a District that includes part of Berkeley County, where I live, and all of Jefferson County.  Up until now I have been a "behind the scenes" person, but the time has come for me to step up and run for office.

I am running because I believe that we the people of our District deserve someone who truly represents our values and will follow through.  I am tired of politicians who talk the talk but won't walk the walk.  I will stand up for working families by working hard to continue the policies that have begun to turn around the economy in West Virginia.  I am pro-life, pro-family, pro-job creation.  I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.  I have been a conservative all of my life.

I am a fighter that knows how to get things done in spite of the obstacles in the way.  I want to represent the great people of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties and the great state of West Virginia.  I am asking for your support so that together we can make a difference".

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Nathan and Angie Harmon

Both my wife and I, Angie, have personally known Renee for over 10 years.  During which time we have gotten to know Renee without the influence of running for public office. With that said, we have seen a woman who is passionate about concerns for our community, a woman who invests in her assigned duties and tasks with diligence and dedication. Most importantly, we have seen a woman that makes her decisions founded on biblical principal. She has truly placed her conservative Republican spirit at the forefront of all her endeavors in the betterment of the county and its citizens. It is for these very reasons Ang and I enthusiastically endorse Renee Wibly’s candidacy for West Virginia State Senate District 16 and highly and strongly encourage every voter in Berkeley County to cast their vote for her on

May 10, 2022.