Why am I running for the West Virginia State Senate?  I had to step up!

 I can’t sit by and watch as candidates that don’t share our values run for office. The 16th  District, serving Berkeley and Jefferson County, deserves a senator that not only shares our values but will fight for them. Government serves the people, not the other way around. And while I believe in small government, I also believe that our state government needs to be strong enough to defend our rights from federal overreach. I believe in our constitutional rights and as your senator I will fight for our freedoms, to ensure that we protect property rights, the right to bear arms, the freedom to speak our minds and I will stand up for our Religious Liberties.  I am running for my family and the families of the 16th district. We the people of the 16th district deserve someone who will represent our values and follow through!  

My priorities include….

Education: West Virginia is now a leader in school choice. We must continue to improve our schools, putting the emphasis on the basics skills in math, reading and writing. We must stop poisoning the minds of children with CRT and the “woke” agenda. We must put the money
where it belongs: in teacher salaries. We must end the waste!

The Economy: Free enterprise promotes job creation. We need to right-size government, continue to make regulations more sensible. We must make taxes less burdensome and more fair to create an economic climate that allows businesses – especially small businesses - to thrive
and grow. The role of government includes helping to improve and build infrastructure. We need to solve our broadband issues. I want new businesses to come to WV, we need a strong foundation and an infrastructure to support them.

Heath Care: The cost of healthcare in West Virginia is too high. Anti-competitive policies cause high costs and high inflation rates in healthcare in our state. Certificate of need regulations need to be addressed. We need price transparency so that the free market can work in the health care sector to provide better services at better prices.

I am pro family. We need to protect the most vulnerable among us, especially children “in the system”.  They need and deserve good homes.
I am pro-life.  life begins at conception. I will fight to protect the unborn.
I am a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment rights. I support constitutional carry and I oppose “red flag” laws.

I want to be your Senator.  I am asking for your vote and your support.

Together we can make West Virginia a better place to live, work and raise a family.


Take Part in Something Great



Putting My Experience
to Work

I have been the President of the Berkeley County Republican Club (BCRC) for the past two years.  We have successfully raised thousands of dollars for Republican Candidates to help them in their run for office.  We were instrumental in educating Berkeley County Citizens on our Republican Candidates and in turn getting them elected in the 2020 elections.   I have volunteered to make phone calls, write letters and door knock for local Republican Candidates as they campaigned to get elected.

I have been a successful small business owner and I know what can be achieved with determination, perseverance and hard work.  I believe every virtuous citizen has a shot at creating and experiencing their own version of the American Dream.  Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  I will fight each and every day to ensure that the community is advancing towards meeting these founding principles.

I want to serve the people of the 16th district, what matters to them, matters to me.


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Today January 28, 2022:


I filed my paperwork to run to represent the people of the 16th District in the West Virginia Senate.

I have worked behind the scenes for the Republican Party for many years. It was time for me to step up and serve my community. I have been a conservative all of my life and feel that I can represent the values of the people of the 16th district.

I am proud to say that I am Pro-Life, Pro-family, and I stand strong on our 2nd Amendment. I am an advocate for lower taxes and smaller government. I will always put families first when thinking about legislation. West Virginia is now a leader in school choice. I support parents in the pursuit to provide their children with a fair and merit-based education from the school of their choice.

I am excited about meeting with as many people in the 16th District as I can, to find out what's important to them, because what matters to them, matters to me. Together we can make our community and West Virginia a better place to live, work and raise a family.